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What Is BCA CoreTrade – Frequently Asked Questions

BCA CoreTrade Scheme FAQ

What is the BCA CoreTrade Scheme?

CoreTrade stands for Construction Registration of Tradesmen. It is a workers registration scheme administered by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) for skilled and experienced construction personnel in the various key construction trades.

It was introduced to support the Singapore construction industry to build up its core group of competent and experienced workers in key construction trades who will serve to anchor and lead the construction workforce, and raise its quality and productivity levels.

The Scheme provides a platform to retain the better and more experienced workers by providing a straight forward career progression route and giving them due recognition. It will allow one to move from a basic skilled worker, to a certified CoreTrade tradesman specializing in specific trades and skills, progress to become a registered CoreTrade trade foreman and eventually to a CoreTrade Supervisor.

The development of a core group of construction personnel will support the industry’s role in shaping our built environment, supporting Singapore’s economic growth and enhancing the quality of life of our people.

Who Is Eligible For CoreTrade Registration?

Worker must have minimum 4 years construction experience in Singapore

There are 2 Classes of CoreTrade Personnel Registration:

  • Tradesmen: Must have at least 4 years construction experience in Singapore
  • Trade Foreman: Must have at least 6 years of construction experience in Singapore

CoreTrade Registration Criteria

2 Key Criteria for CoreTrade Registration

  • Worker should be skilled
  • Worker should be experienced

We provide comprehensive training to ensure that your workers will meet the CoreTrade skills and experience requirement! View our CoreTrade Courses

How Long Is The CoreTrade License Valid For?

It is valid for 2 years. All CoreTrade Personnel is required to attend CET for CoreTrade Renewal.

What Is CET?

Continual Education Training (CET) is a mandatory programme for all registered CoreTrade personnel. It helps to reinforce industry knowledge and best practices to enhance work productivity and efficiency in CoreTrade Personnel.

Workers can undergo CET to renew their CoreTrade and Multi-Skill License.

When Can I Send My CoreTrade Licensed Workers For CET?

CoreTrade licensed workers can apply to undergo CET programme 6 months prior to the expiration of their CoreTrade license renewal.

For example: If a CoreTrade’s personnel’s license expires in 01 July 2015, he can apply for CET from 01 January 2015 onwards.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

BCA charges an application fee of $20 for registration of construction tradesman or foreman in any one of the trades.

How Do I Register?

You can visit the BCA Website to register for CoreTrade online. We’ve provided quick links below for your convenience:

CoreTrade Online Registration for Individuals

CoreTrade Online Registration for Company

WTU Scheme FAQ

Is there a limit to how many applications I can make for the workers in my company?

There is no limit to the number of applications that your company can make if your workers are eligible. However, each worker can be supported under this fund only once.

Are Goods and Services Tax (GST) funded under the Workforce Training and Upgrading Scheme?

GST will not be covered under the Scheme. The reimbursement of 80% of the training and assessment fees is before GST.

Are foreign personnel eligible for the funding support?

Yes, local and foreign construction personnel are eligible for training fund support if they meet the criteria. Firms must apply for the funding support on behalf of their employees.

Will we need to submit a claim form?

No. Your Training Provider (Aesperon) will submit the claims on your behalf.

Can other courses not recognised as higher qualification training in your list of courses be funded under the Scheme if they improve productivity?

No. Only courses approved by BCA and listed in BCA’s website can qualify for the funding support.