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Multi Skill

What is the Multi Skill Scheme?

The Multi-Skilling scheme provides more upgrading pathways for construction workers to progress from “Basic Skilled” to “Higher Skilled” workers. While CoreTrade recognises workers who specialize in key construction trades, Multi-Skill recognises workers who are competent in multiple trade skills.

Firms benefit from Multi-Skilled workers as they will be able to deliver their construction work with lesser workers.


Who is eligible for The Multi Skill Scheme?

Both Local and Foreign workers who have 4 years construction experience in Singapore.

There are 2 types of certifications required:

  • First certification: Any SEC or SEC(K) certification, or Sikil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) certification for Malaysian Work Permit Holders.
  • Second certification: Any SEC(K) trade certification in a different trade form the first certification.

Can I deploy my Multi Skilled workers to fulfil the CoreTrade personnel deployment requirements?

Only CoreTrade registered personnel will be accepted for CoreTrade deployment

How Long Is The Multi Skill Status Valid For?

It is valid for 2 years. All Multi-Skilled Personnel can required to attend CET for Status Renewal.

How Much Does Registration Cost?

Registration is free

How Do I Register?

You can visit the BCA Website to register for Multi-Skill online. We’ve provided quick link below for your convenience:

Multi Skill Online Registration