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Precast Concrete Component Erection (PCE) Course

Course Description

The Precast Concrete Component Course is a highly popular course as it does not require and prior knowledge, and is less physically taxing than most CoreTrade courses. Certified workers will be able to safely and effectively install Concrete Components. 

Our in-depth training will provide a strong foundation for trainees to do well in their BCA Certification Test. See below for BCA Syllabus and Certification Requirements.

Passing Rate80%

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BCA Syllabus Overview

1 Hour Written Paper

  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • General Knowledge on Building Elements
  • General Knowledge of Signalling & Rigging
  • Good Practices in erection and handling of precast concrete components
  • General Knowledge on Safety

4 Hour Practical Test

  • Covers the following:
    1. Checking reference line and level of component
    2. Cleaning procedure for location of component erection
    3. Plastic Shim Plate placement for level adjustment
    4. Prepare the support for precast concrete component
    5. Lifting the concrete component for installation
    6. Installation of the concrete component and alignment adjusting
    7. Installation of Backing Rod/Foam
    8. Addition of Structural Re-Bar
    9. Form work and Casting Installation

Our Training (CoreTrade Familiarization Course)

Our training material is tested and proven over thousands of trainees, consistently obtaining high passing rates

 Preparation For Written Test

  • Comprehensive 16 hour training (2 day class, each 8 hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm)
  • In-depth training material which follows BCA Syllabus will be provided
  • Sample Written Test Papers will enhance the understanding of course materials, and allow trainees to better prepare for the actual test.

 Preparation For Practical Test

  • 3 days training on practical test project (0800 Hr to 2200 Hr)
  • Intensive training on actual test bay in accordance to BCA’s test Project
  • Understanding the correct sequence and methods of installation.
  • Understanding the BCA assessment criteria.

Requirements To Pass

SEC (K) Tradesmen Trades Foreman
Pass 1 Hour Written Test & 4 Hour Practical Test Pass 4 Hour Practical Test Pass 1 Hour Written Test & 4 Hour Practical Test