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Kerb & Drain Laying (KDL) Course

Course Description

The Kerb & Drain Laying Course provides trainees with knowledge on how to properly construct and maintain a wide variety of kerbs. 

Our in-depth training will provide a strong foundation for trainees to do well in their BCA Certification Test. See below for BCA Syllabus and Certification Requirements.

Passing Rate80%

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BCA Syllabus Overview

1 Hour Written Paper

  • 25 Multiple Choice Questions
  • General Knowledge on Drainage Systems
  • Laying of Precast U-drain
  • Kerb Construction & Maintenance
  • General Knowledge on Safety

4 Hour Practical Test

Covers the following:

  • Road Kerb Laying
  • “C2″ Channel Laying
  • Scupper Pipe Laying

Our Training (CoreTrade Familiarization Course)

Our training material is tested and proven over thousands of trainees, consistently obtaining high passing rates

 Preparation For Written Test

  • Comprehensive 16 hour training (2 day class, each 8 hours from 8:00am to 5:00pm)
  • In-depth training material which follows BCA Syllabus will be provided
  • Sample Written Test Papers will enhance the understanding of course materials, and allow trainees to better prepare for the actual test.

 Preparation For Practical Test

  • 3.5 days training on practical test project (0800 Hr to 2200 Hr)
  • Intensive trainings on actual test bay in accordance to BCA’s test Project
  • Understanding the correct sequence and methods of installation, inclusive of level transfer, plumb, fixing methods etc.
  • Understanding the BCA assessment criteria.

Requirements To Pass

SEC (K) Tradesmen Trades Foreman
Pass 1 Hour Written Test & 4 Hour Practical Test Pass 4 Hour Practical Test Pass 1 Hour Written Test & 4 Hour Practical Test