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Available CoreTrade Courses

We are a Training Centre & Facilities & Management Provider in Singapore offering BCA CoreTrade courses to help the construction workforce upgrade their skills. In alignment with the Singapore government’s measures towards higher productivity, we offer several courses as shown below, providing solutions to allow the construction industry to build up its core group of more experienced competent workers in key construction trades to secure and lead the construction workforce and raise its quality and productivity levels. With the introduction of CoreTrade Courses, CoreTrade personnel may qualify as “Higher Skilled” under Ministry of Manpower (MOM) therefore qualifies for lower Levy rates.

Decades of experience in this industry has allowed us to deliver industry leading CoreTrade training, as proven by an excellent track record over the past years. We provide associated training and skill assessments for the following courses. In addition to evening courses, weekend courses are also available upon special arrangement.

Door & Window Installation

The Door & Window Installation Course will provide students with comprehensive knowledge on how to install and maintain the most important variations of doors and windows. Windows covered include: Casement Window, Sliding Top-Hung Window, and Adjustable Louver Window. Doors covered include: Sliding Door and Single Lead Swing Door. Training also covers safety issues relating to door and window installation.

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Kerb & Drain Laying (KDL)

The Kerb & Drain Laying Course provides trainees with knowledge on how to properly construct and maintain kerbs. The syllabus covers Road Kerbs, “C2″ Channel, and Scupper Pipe Laying. General knowledge on Drainage Systems, as well as safety issues relating to Kerb & Drain laying will also be covered.

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Pipe Fitting (PF)

The Pipe Fitting Course will give trainees comprehensive knowledge of Pipe & Pipe fittings. Students will learn about established good practices of Pipe Fitting, including proper handling of tools, equipment and protective equipment. Technical skills covered include Pipe Edge Preparation, Fit-up techniques, Pipe Assembly, and Accuracy & Orientation adjustments.  

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Precast Concrete Component Erection (PCE)

The Precast Concrete Component Course is a highly popular course as it does not require and prior knowledge, and is less physically taxing than most CoreTrade courses. The course covers good practices in erection and handling of Precast Concrete Components, as well as general knowledge on Building Elements and Signalling & Rigging. Certified workers will be able to safely and effectively install Concrete Components. 

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Structural Steel Fitting (SSF)

The Structural Steel Fitting course covers in-depth on interpretation of Steel Fitting drawings & calculation of related quantities. Good practices of structural steel fitting are also covered, including technical aspects such as cutting and hot bending, development of gusset plates, etc. Trainees will also be taught to assemble projects using Gap, Tack, Weld. Safety aspects like proper handling of tools and equipment, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is also covered. 

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