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Core Trade Registration Introduction

4 Jun 2015

Core Trade Registration Introduction

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core trade registration for theory lessons

Core Trade Registration Screening Criteria

Workers who are eligible for registration include locals as well as suitable longer-staying and experienced foreign workers who have been working in related trade in the construction industry in Singapore.

All applicants should possess the following relevant trade qualification:

  1. Trade Diploma, Skills Evaluation Certificate / Skills Evaluation Certificate (Knowledge); or
  2. Valid crane operation license issued by the Ministry of Manpower (for tower, crawler and mobile crane operation),plumbing or electrician license; or
  3. Certificate of Successful Completion (Other construction plant operation); or
  4. Other supervisory, technical, trade or academic qualification to support the application.

Working experience is another important criterion that an applicant must have to qualify for registration. BCA reserves the right to consider each application on a case-to-case basis.

The main Core Trade registration criteria for construction foremen are similar to those of the tradesmen as mentioned in the earlier. An applicant will be assessed based on his combination of trade skill qualification and experience.

For a easy Core Trade registration process, please ensure that you have the following required documents to submit in the online application portal. The required document list can be found in here under the BCA Acknowledgement Application.

If necessary, he will be required to undergo a skills assessment and written test to verify his competency in his trade. In addition, upon registration, he will concurrently be enrolled in a bridging seminar to refresh his industry knowledge on building regulations, construction quality control and standards, interpretation of Gantt charts, as well as Workplace Safety & Health Regulations.

Provided that the worker has been engaged in the trade for a significant number of years and has learnt the skills of the trade through on-the-job training. He must also have acquired experience in taking on supervisory responsibilities.

A construction foreman, who takes on the supervisory role for a group of tradesmen in a particular trade, should possess both hands-on skills and trade knowledge.

In the absence of a relevant trade skill certification (such as SEC(K) assessment which includes a theory component), the applicant will have to go through both a skill assessment (practical) and a written (theory) test.

All applicants who register as Trade Foreman must undergo a bridging seminar unless they possess a relevant Trade Diploma.

Workers who have worked in Construction Sector for more than 4 years are Eligible to register as Tradesman Personnel

Workers who have worked in Construction Sector for more than 6 years are Eligible to register as Tradesman or Trades Foreman Personnel.

Workers who have worked in Construction Sector for more than 8 years and have suitable qualifications are Eligible to register as Supervisor after completing training course and End-of course test.


Successful Core Trade Registration

After a successful registration, Core Trade registration card will be issued to the applicant. This card will indicate if the registration is for construction tradesman or foreman, as well as the CoreTrade for which the worker is registered. A photo of the worker will also be shown on the document for identification purposes. All Core Trade applicants are supposed to carry this document with them on the construction sites at which they are deployed.

Illustration Of An Core Trade Registration Card

core trade registration card

Core Trade Registration Part 2 - Registration Process

Once you able to assure you are qualified and met the requirements prior to the screening above, you are eligible to start the Core Trade registration process for courses.

bca coretrade requirement flow chart


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