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Our 80% Passing Rate Guarantee for CoreTrade Courses



Best-In-Industry Special Guarantee

We are extremely confident that the quality of our CoreTrade training programmes means you will enjoy very high passing rates! As such, we crafted this unique 80% Passing Guarantee Deal. You won’t find it elsewhere in the industry!



How does it work?

We guarantee that at least 8 of 10 workers sent for training will pass their CoreTrade certification test. If any of the 8 workers under our guarantee fail, we will provide 2 days free retraining and waive their retest fee (worth $3000)!
Note: You must send at least 6 workers for training to be eligible for this guarantee

An Example
  1. BT Pte Ltd sends 6 workers for training with us.
  2. We guarantee that 80% pass their CoreTrade certification test. 6 x 80% = 4 workers
  3. We provide FREE RETRAINING for the 3 workers who failed
  4. Only 3 workers pass their test, so we provide 1 worker with free retraining, and waive his retest fee